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House with swimming pool, facing the Bay of Marajó.

Farol, Mosqueiro, PA

  • House for the vacations

  • sleeps 20

  • 3 bedrooms
    of which 1 en-suite

  • 2 nights minimum

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The house

Dear customer, we rent or Sell a great House in quiet location of Mosqueiro, facing the sea and the beach of funds name? Prainha do Farol?. Mosqueiro 40 minute drive is from Bethlehem. This is an excellent finishing House, built in brick, with three facades, one for the Beira mar Avenue and another for the Bay of Marajó and to the beach prainha do Farol?.? The House was built in the style of old houses. It has a roof, all Windows are Windows of four leaf. Some being granite Bank window and at the same time. The House contains: ? A suite with two double beds, one king size bed box and another normal, big wardrobe, chest of drawers and wardrobe. ? Two rooms served by a big bathroom, being the first room contains: wardrobe, chest of drawers, a double bed and a bunk bed and the second bedroom has two bunk beds and a single bed. ? There is air conditioning in all rooms; ? The dining room with elegant garden side, has 8 table chairs and crockery; ? The living room with 3 Windows/seats facing the pool and the Bay, has 2 sofas, 3 3 and 5 places. Raque television and other furniture; ? The kitchen of the farm, with fridge, cooker and freezer; Guard and queer, Big granite counter, sink, etc; ? Service area with washing machine; ? Covered area for parties and barbecue and games, with a barbecue with masonry and wood table with 6 chairs; ? Covered garage for two cars and discovery to more 11 cars. ? Nice balcony with many brackets; ? Big swimming pool of 6 m X 9 m with 1 variable, depth 35 m to 1, 65 m. She has submerged Bank and a ladder very smooth that built to anteder the need of elderly people or very obese. ? Pretty garden, but much the same garden. All wooded with several special corners, especially if the table for consumption of crab to knock around a pleasant fountain with statue and all. There are many trees in the garden which allow to extend networks, where the user can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bay of Marajó. ? For children and young people, there is a little house and tree swings. A dream, allows up to 4 adults can play a Domino on the heights. The layoff picture comments. ? The House has access to the beach via a private entrance. ? At high tide, you hear the noise of the waves? singing? in retaining wall of the House. ? Night terrain can be all lit up, allowing a good swimming and outdoor games. How ' bout a poolside serenada, accompanied by the noise of the waves of the sea? ? Hallways and doors are wide enough to allow access of wheelchairs. The access ramps to the House and the pool deck for wheelchair users. In addition any gaps are small. ? There are Dishes, glasses, cups, plates and cutlery are sufficient to serve 15 people. In addition there are available, including pressure cooker pots, pans, baking sheets and basic kitchen gear. You will need to take only networks, table linens and bath, and TV. We have two types of lease for our House. 1. Rental per season. Period to negotiate. 2. normal or permanent Leasing. Hiring for 30 months with the option of withdrawal from a year ago. In seasonal leasing lessors will place at the disposal of the tenants a caretaker/janitor, that is funded by lessors and lives in a House adjoining the land will take care of the cleaning of the external areas of the pool, the kennel and the dog (a dog Line , whose maintenance is also funded by lessors), cut the grass, garden maintenance, pest control and attendance to the gate. But this employee does not take care of the internal area of the House or the kitchen, unless you're hired, aside, for both. The permanent Lease or normal mode, is the most economical for those who intend to stay longer periods (over a year), residing in Mosqueiro. Hiring, to be framed in the new tenancy law, need to provide for the period of 30 months as required by law. However the parties may compromise a forecast of withdrawal after the first year of occupation. In this case the value of the monthly lease is R $4,000.00 (4000 dollars.). The caretaker is optional, and will run on behalf of the tenant all maintenance costs, internal and external, home furniture and equipment, electricity, water and PROPERTY TAX, maintenance and cleaning of the pool, and the terrain, etc. In this form of leasing lessors be liable during the first thirty days of rental, by the costs of repairs and maintenance of equipment and appliances, parts and pieces of the building, which by natural wear and tear, will be required. But not for wear and defects resulting from misuse or external causes, with electrical discharges, among others. I think it is now some comments on additional costs of this type of lease, the customer can program well your finances: ? Pool costs and electricity depends on the use. A moderate use, where the swimmer always use the shower before entering the pool, and that is not deposited organic material into the pool, except normal oils bodies, will require an expenditure of R $380.00 per month. Already heavy use with many people, every day, will require the expenditure of R $450.00 R $500.00 per month); ? The cost of gasoline and the lawn-cutting equipment, does not exceed $40.00/month. ? The cost of maintenance of the House and its equipment belonging to the tenant, except those that by nature the natural wear of the equipment and parts (including the cases of misuse or other external causes such as lightning and about electric charge), become necessary within the first 30 days. ? The annual PROPERTY TAX is approximately R $1,025.00; For those who don't want to worry about maintenance, pool expenses etc. .., the best option is to lease a season. In this case the value of the rent varies according to the period. Let's see: ? For the months of July, December and January, we offer the following packages: the 30 days worth of R$ .00 12,000 (twelve thousand reais), included homemade costs and guard dog and pool cleaning materials and electric power consumption. the 15 days in the amount of 7,500 .00 (seven 1500 reais), included homemade costs and guard dog and pool cleaning materials and electric power consumption. the 10 days the value of 5,700 R$ .00 (five 1700), included homemade costs and guard dog and pool cleaning materials and electric power consumption. even in these months and also during the Carnival, Easter and Week of the fatherland, the signings made by period lower than the packages offered, the rate is R $600.00 (600 dollars). In the remaining months and period, when demand is low, the value drops to R $400.00 a day in the days of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays including the day sandwiched between the holidays. In the remaining days of the year, billed $300.00/day. Studying the formation of packages. If accepts rent for events in this case the price must be combined before. Rental season mode are not charged the customers the cost of parts and maintenance equipment, as a result of normal wear and tear, but the resulting from misuse. In any form of lease, the consumption of Electric Energy based on the value of KW/h of energy bill from the previous month. the measures are taken and offered to the customer in input and output. In any form of lease, and guarantees required signatures on contract. We will provide the technical contact of our trust, who are already knowledgeable of the details inherent in various parts of the House and of the equipment installed in the building such as the pool pump to refrigerators, water pumps, electrical and hydraulic network. Best regards Daniel Trinity. Owner

Hosted by Lars

Member since maio 2012
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House 3 bedrooms , of which 1 en-suite - 220 m² - sleeps 20 guests

  • Air conditioning
  •  Bed Linens
  •  Fan
  •  Stove
  •  Freezer
  •  Refrigerator
  •  Washing Machine
  •  Microwave
  • 3 bedrooms

  •  Parking
  •  Garage
  •  Barbecue
  •  Garden
  •  Pool
  •  Deck Chairs
  •  Umbrella
  •  Gardener
  • Children welcome
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets considered (consult owner)
  • Partie, events considered
  • Long-term renters Welcome


  • Taxa de Limpeza R$ 100
  • Caução R$ 500
  • A locação está sujeita à aprovação prévia do cadastro do inquilino. UM CONTRATO DE LOCAÇÃO SERÁ ASSINADO ANTES. Para tanto Serão necessários o fornecimento antecipado da identidade, CPF, profissão, telefone, email e endereço.
  • O preço mensal só é válido para contratos de 30 meses.
  • A taxa de limpeza tem o objetivo de cobrir a limpeza do imóvel após a desocupação.
  • A caução é devolvida após a vistoria final do imóvel, o que será feito num prazo máximo de 3 dias úteis. Quais quer ocorrências sobre danos serão fotografadas e comunicadas por email.

Location in Farol, Mosqueiro

The neighborhood of the House is the best and most beautiful possible. In family neighborhood, the House is situated in quiet and peaceful location, away from the beach, stay away from the noise and hubbub characteristic of beach towns. The runway is paved, neighboring houses also beautiful. Site with lots of trees and lots of peace. Although do facing the Bay of Marajó, whose beach can be accessed by private entrance, the House is less than 300 metres from the beach known as Lighthouse Beach. Where the sands of Lighthouse Beach is bordered by tree-lined promenade that limits the Beira Mar Avenue. Great place to enjoy a sunset and trira beautiful pictures.


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